20 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Healthy and Safe

We all want a healthy, happy, and safe home, especially in today’s unique climate. We try our best to make sure our kids are safe but are we doing all we can? Probably. We are doing the best we can but there are little tricks and moves you can make to make your home even safer. Here are 20 of my favorites.20 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Healthy and Safe

#1. Open doors and windows whenever possible. Especially if you are painting or you need to install new carpets or building products, keeping your windows open will keep airflow frequent and it also prevents a lot of colds and allergens because the air circulation takes these irritants out of your house.

#2. Don’t allow smoking in your home. Secondhand smoke can kill just as bad as firsthand and it will clog up vents, create a yellow film in your house, and create an unhealthy environment for the entire family.

#3. Set your water heater to a lower temp to prevent scalding. Try to keep the temp lower than 120°F or 50°C.

#4. Check fire extinguishers, CO2 detectors, and smoke detectors often and replace as necessary. CO2 detectors are recommended (and sometimes required) for any home that has natural gas, propane, or an attached garage.

#5. Prevent lice and bedbugs. Anything new brought into the house could be infested. Checked mattresses, used books, antiques, or any used furniture and vacuum well.

#6. Remove shoes when entering the house. This will prevent dirt and grime build-up on the carpet and floor.

#7. Keep portable space heaters at least 4 feet from anything that could burn

#8. Keep all chemicals and cleaning products locked up or away from where kids and pets could easily ingest. Plus, make sure these items have yuck stickers and that they are hidden.

#9. Never leave cooking appliances unattended. Keep handles inward and if a pot does catch fire, cover with a lid and turn off heat immediately or douse kitchen fires with baking soda, never water, especially oil.

#10. Don’t overload electrical outlets. If one feels hot to the touch, it’s time to replace it.

#11. Make sure everyone in the house knows what to do in case of an emergency – Fire, earthquake, burglar, flood, tornado. Make sure there is a meeting place for everyone and an escape route. This is something you really can’t think about in the heat of the moment.

#12. Make sure your house number is clear and visible for emergency response teams. 

#13. Don’t leave ladders lying around or ground-level windows open at night. These are easy targets for thieves. It’s also a good idea to have timers on lights, especially if you are out of town, so they come on automatically.

#14. Put lights on timers and motion sensors to deter criminals and unwanted animals. 

#15. Keep a first-aid kit handy along with enough supplies for at least 3 days including food, water, dry clothes, shoes, blankets, flashlight, pocket knife and cash.

#16. Get to know your neighbors. You might need to call them in the case of an emergency or just for help when you need it and vice versa.

#17. Take photos of all your personal items and label them. Keep them online in the cloud for insurance purposes and good records.

#18. Make sure nothing is blocking outside dryer vents, chimneys, or stove vents on the outside of the house.

#19. Never use generators, propane or charcoal BBQs or appliances indoors.

#20. Don’t invite thieves in by advertising you’re going away on vacation on social media or leaving a huge box by the recycle bin telling everyone you just bought a brand new TV. Be smart and try to think like a criminal to avoid making careless mistakes.

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Stay safe. Adhere to these simple tips and you’ll be glad you did.

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